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"news at noon," on your side. >> my door is open. i have put of cuts and reforms on the table. i'm willing to work with anybody to get this job done. >> that was the president speaking an hour ago on the looming sequestration deadline. there are growing concerns that congress will not reach a deal by next friday's deadline.
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>> if they don't, that means across-the-board cuts affecting millions of people. the president called for bipartisan action. he made it clear that congress has only two acceptable options. >> now republicans in congress face is simple choice. are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education and health care and national security and all the jobs that depend on them? or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and our economy at risk just to protect a few special-interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and big corporations? >> president obama was not the only one focusing on the sequester today. >> 3 county leaders from maryland met this morning to figure out what to do should the cuts go into effect. jummy olabanji joins us now. a lot of concern that the deadlines are coming quickly. >> absolutely. officials from montgomery prince george's, and howard county is in maryland say the
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time for congress to act is right now. they say on march 1 they will be hit with a financial storm like to know whether, if not. >> we don't need to wait to see this to start responding because of the potential that we see. this challenge israel right now. >> elected officials in maryland are not waiting for the other shoe to drop while their constituents livelihoods are at stake. >> these are actual folks who not able to pay their mortgage or teachers who will not get grants of housing vouchers. >> sequestration could mean big problems for the free state. marilyn as 130,000 federal workers whose salaries could be cut 20% due to furloughs. the impact will also be felt by several thousand maryland residents who were for government contractors can even smfelt from small businesses to military installations. correct
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this could cut back work done at fort meade. >> maryland also has a hundred 50,000 students who would be impacted. the state receives $500 million from the federal government to fund programs like title 1 headstart, and special education. sequestration could result in a cut to this funding that could cause layoffs across the state. >> i met with companies in colombia last week and they said we're not able to bring people on and we will have to let people go as soon as this goes into affect. this small maryland delegation plans to work with their counterparts across the state as well as in virginia to urge congress to vote on this as soon as possible. we will follow this story and have the latest tonight starting at 5:00. jummy olabanji, abc 7 >> . thank you. some areas around here started off the morning with sleet and snow. jacqui jeras has our forecaster doug about whether it's over
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with. >> we have rain lingering on 95 and areas of to the east. the red and orange areas around the baltimore beltway is likely sleet. mother roadways have not really been an issue. the rain will be pushing al throughout the day. a couple lingering showers possible through the afternoon. to 1 degrees now in washington, 39 in gaithersburg, 41 in martinsburg and culpeper. if you will likely see problems up and down the eastern seaboard. we have a storm system on the west coast. that will be headed our way at the end of the week. today's forecast, cloudy skies and may be lingering showers at 3:00 at 48 degrees. 48 at 6 claude gueant 39 at 11:00 tonight. windy and cold tomorrow.
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a brutal day. back to you. >> thank you. dozens of people are now looking for a place to live after a devastating fire in manassas. >> the fire ripped through an apartment building last night. the crews said it was all they could do to just get people out of the building on time. john gonzalez has the story. >> crews have been down here all day long as well as a restoration crew than has been securing the building. the fire was intense and we have video. the amateur video shows how intense the situation was. fire ripped through this three story apartment building within minutes. residents of the property knew they did not have much time. >> it was blowing up. we just ran. >> and other residents shared a video of the flames 6.
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the firefighters battled the blaze. a handful of them became trapped on the fourth floor when the roof collapsed above them. >> it's not the old stigma build homes that we use to have -- not the old stick-built homes. the rules did collapse on them and they became disoriented. -- the roof collapse. >> this president came back to survey a gaping hole in the roof. -- this resident. 60 residents have been displaced. >> all my paperwork is in the house. i'm pretty sure everything. is everything >> a few firefighters were
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disoriented and taken to hospital for observation. one resident was transported f or smoke inhalation. the fire likely caused over $200,000 in damage. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> four juveniles in custody after a car crashed into a house in dale city. newschopper 7 was over the scene around 9:00 this morning on cardinal drive. police were trying to stop a stolen truck when the driver took off. amazing pictures for. the vehicle eventually hit a car. four juveniles tried to run away. they were finally caught. no one in the car or the home were injured. >> this is a somber day for students at suitland high school. there back in class a day after a fellow student's only 15 years old was shot and killed. brianne carter reports. >> a difficult day for some students at the suitland high school as they return to school without their classmates, charles walker jr.
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he was shot and killed while walking near his home on monday. >> as soon as i heard, i broken- down with tears and everything. >> print your discounted police said he was found lying on the ground in the 4000 block of 28 avenue. police of not release a motive. friends believe he was killed over a pair of shoes. >> he was going to give them to his girlfriend. he was walking and somebody came up and said give me those shoes handy said no. >> a picture of him is on a facebook page. one of the students walking to class tuestoday visibly upset said that he and charles used to play basketball in the gym. >> he always made people laugh. i miss him. >> police are falling several weeks. they made no arrests. anyone with information is asked to call police.
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in forestville, brianne carter, abc 7. >> double amputee olympic sprinter oscar pistorius appeared in the south african courtroom today for a bail hearing. we're learning his side of the story for the first time. in a statement read by his lawyers, he describes what happened last thursday as an accident. the setbacks he thought his girlfriend reeva steenkamp was in bed when he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. thinking it was a burglar he shot through the locked door. if the claims because he was not wearing his prosthetic legs than he felt vulnerable. he faces premeditated murder charges. >> these new details, as her family gathers to say goodbye. family members of the model, law graduates, and reality tv star met on south africa's southern coast for a private memorial service today. her body will be cremated.
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>> connecticut police say reports of a motive for the shooting at sandy hook elementary are unfounded. cbs news reported that the shooter adam lanza wanted to kill more people than a norwegian man who killed 77 people in 2011. investigators say they have not uncovered a motive for the shooting and they called the reports inaccurate speculation. >> recent mass shootings are leading to a change to recommendations on how to respond to them? . traditionally, potential victims have been told to flee and tied while waiting felt. but law-enforcement authorities are increasingly the advising people to physically confront attackers as a final line of defense. the advisories are now included in training videos and documents prepared by police. they represent a major shift in tactics. >> a virginia-based internet security company says china appear to be behind the hacking of u.s. military contractors and energy companies.
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hundred 41 major hacking attempts were traced to a people's liberation army building in shanghai. -- a d.c. councilman wants the power to shut down stores dealing in stolen cell phone. the legislation would give the mayor authority to temporarily close a store caught selling stolen telephones. the closure last 72 hours. the emergency legislation would be in place 90 days. the proposal comes a week after he pleaded police were blaming games stopped and other stores for dealing in stolen phones. >> a scaled back bus rapid transit system now. the county had planned a 160 mile rapid transit network. but an outside firm found
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ridership would not be high enough to justify such an expansive line. the washington examiner reports the county transportation planners now proposed a 79 mile network with eight routes. no estimate on how much that would cost. >> coming up, the duchess of cambridge back in the public eye and sporting the baby bump. >> could you handle a job interview in 140 characters? more employers are starting to hire candidates over twitter. >> if it sounds like a plot from a movie a record setting rise to israel. police are hot on the trail of diamond fiethieves. >> a rainy day. soon giving way to
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>> and over nigel highest in belgium could be the biggest of all kinds. eight men apparently cut a hole in an airport fence and then drove onto the tarmac and held up a passenger plane and made off with more than $50 million in rough diamonds. they did it all in a matter of minutes. they left behind a burned out get away van. no one was injured. they pulled off the ice without ever firing a shot. >> people in arkansas picking up the pieces after a devastating group of storms that ripped down trees and knocked out power to thousands of people yesterday. two people injured including a man who was thrown from his homecoming.
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lance auer powerful the storms were. another storm system is expected to move into arkansas late tomorrow night. -->> they have been feeling the pain. they will have a snow maker in the central plains on thursday. and will not get here until friday or saturday. it does not look terribly exciting for snow lovers. what is exciting, if you are not next to your television set, this is my favorite time lapse of all times so far. beautiful sunrise from this morning with clouds peeking through. i love it. then the clouds and then the rain. we did get some nice sun rises in d.c. before the rain. this was sent in to us from angela in falls church. we have another photograph to share with you from leesburg from glynnis.
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thanks for sharing those photographs with us. it's 41 degrees right now with a wind chill of 33. we still have light rain coming down in washington. the wintry mix has come to an end. maybe a little hovering along the mason-dixon line. that's about all. we're watching plenty of rain pushing east of 95. that will come to an end by mid to late afternoon. dusts body showers here or there is all we will have left as long as the cold front remains off to our west. it should be passing through by this evening. you'll notice a big change in temperatures. the wind will pick up from the west and it will be howling tonight. in d.c. is 38, 5 degrees in minneapolis. futurecast shows spotty showers lingering into the evening.
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overall, it will be cloudy more than anything else. gradual clearing expected tonight. then we will see the wind kicking in tomorrow. we will not make it above 40 degrees tomorrow. rain will be coming to an end today with cloudy skies, high temperature of 48. larger will clearing tonight becoming a breezy and coles lows in the upper 20s. feeling like the 20's throughout much of the day tomorrow. staying cold through this week. the next system arriving on friday. we still have uncertainty as far as the timing. if this happens early enough on friday, it's a wintry mix potentially to start and then rainfall on saturday. we need to get through the rest of the showers today first. >> there is good news for royal
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family watchers. duchess of cambridge showed off her baby bump for the first time in london. she has not made an official public appearance since december. she visited hope house a substance abuse programs for women in recovery. her charity called action for addiction, hosted the event. >> what she wears is really important, because she's the ultimate fashion trendsetter. >> fashion insiders think that she may be taking fashion cues from rabies grandmother, the late princess diana. people will be-- taking fashion cues from her late mother-in-law, the late princess diana.
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>> this "the voice famous father played the scarecrow in the west with diana ross. prince michael jackson would like to become a producer, director, and actor. >> baltimore ravens wide receiver jacoby jones would like a permanent reminder of his football career high. >> he wanted to get the ravens tatoo. wanted the roman numerals written on it. that is supposed to be the superdome in the background. the execution may have been a little rushed. the ravens does not look so fierce. the letters in the roman numerals look a little crooked. what do you do? >> i think that you are stopped and maybe you could have it redone later with someone a little more skillful.
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forget it the fancy ittwitter view and why employees are hiring candidates over social media. >> tonight -- >> the battle to rescue dogs from rootless owners. we look into the world of dogfighting with people trying to save the animals.
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>> forget the long interview. you could land your next job on twitter. some technology and media and marketing companies are using twitter view to find employees. the company and tweets out a
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question and potential employees cancer in 140 characters or less. company can learn a lot -- companies can learn a lot about then-candidate's personality. >> a preteen in south carolina led police on a low-speed chase. there you see it. highway patrol officers from neighboring north carolina called in to help out after the 12-year-old was spotted driving a pickup truck, got on the interstate. police don't know whether the truck was stolen or where the girl got it from. not hard to catch up to her. >>
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> many areas still seeing rain. >> mostly along and east of interstate 95. we're no longer dealing with sleet. to the west, maybe another sprinkle or shower this afternoon. but the steady rain is coming to an end. windy and cold weather returns tomorrow with a high of 39, but it will feel like the 20's. you need a jacket again tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here for "good morning washington starting at 4:30 a.m. >> have a great day, everyone.
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